What is Financial Wellness?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines financial well-being as:

  • Having control over one’s finances
  • Being able to cope with a financial shock
  • Enjoying financial freedom of choice
  • Being on track in meeting financial goals

The terms ‘financial freedom’ and ‘financial independence (FI)’ are often used interchangeably. Vicki Robin is one of my mentors and SHE-ros. In her best-seller Your Money or Your Life she defines financial independence as no longer having to trade our life energy for money. I resonate most with the term “financial freedom” because bullet #3 reminds us that money does indeed give us freedom of choice. Money in the bank gives us the freedom (and confidence) to leave an unhealthy relationship, career, or job. Before you turn away, thinking that financial freedom is impossible for you, think again.

First of all, as women we get to decide what financial freedom means to us. For some of us, living simply in a tiny house is absolute heaven, whereas for others, more space is a priority. For some, city living feeds the soul, while for others, the quiet of the countryside is the answer. Only by tuning in deeply into what truly matters to us, can we start to make the connection between our time (our most precious commodity) and our money (what we trade our time for). As women, we intuitively know how much is enough (for us).

I’m so very inspired to work with you.

I’ve spent the last year researching and studying Americans’ relationships to money, my own relationship to money, and what sets wealthy or financially ‘comfortable’ people apart from those who live paycheck to paycheck or those falling further into debt. I have been surprised by some of what I’ve uncovered, and immensely inspired by how some very simple re-wiring of our brains–to undo the relentless conditioning of our culture–can actually catapult us with incredible momentum towards the day we achieve financial independence. Seriously, I can’t wait to share this with you.

My mission as a Financial Wellness coach is to help women shine a deliberate light on their money lives so they can move strategically and soulfully towards financial freedom. It’s never too late to begin.

Some current (2019) statistics about Americans in the workplace:

  • 43% of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck
  • Nearly half of employees report a lack of enough savings to cover their expenses for three months 
  • 46% of those who are distracted by their finances say that they spend three or more hours at work thinking about or dealing with issues related to their personal finances 

I hope you will choose not to be a statistic.

Women are known to invest in their physical wellness (organic food, hair and skin care, gym or personal trainer) as well as their mental wellness (massage, personal time, a good therapist, meditation). While we may be comfortable investing in these areas of our lives, how to use money remains frustrating and confusing for many.

It’s time for Financial Wellness to ride shotgun instead of taking a back seat.

It’s my fierce commitment to the women I have the honor of supporting through the liberating journey of Money Mastery that we can start to look differently at how we earn, save, spend, invest, and give money. We can rewire our brains to focus each day on what really matters. For many of us—though we haven’t had the luxury or focused time to think about it intentionally—what really does matter in the end is our precious time, our precious loved ones, and our necessary community.

I am taking a stand for you.

Peace and ease with money is absolutely within your reach. 

Let’s get you involved and on your joyful way! If you’re inspired to deliberately devote yourself to jumpstarting your journey towards money mastery and financial freedom, join an upcoming event where I’ll be presenting some of these concepts or grab a spot on my calendar (“book online” button in website footer) to talk with me live.

Elizabeth Powell

Elizabeth Powell is a financial coach who helps women take charge of their money and create a path to financial freedom…on their terms. Elizabeth’s approach to feminine money mastery includes a step by step, holistic approach that helps her clients discover a capacity to learn the language of money, create financial and life goals, and make smart financial decisions today for a worry-free, beautiful future.

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