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If you don’t subscribe yet to “In Her Words” from the NY Times, I recommend it straight to your inbox. Here’s an article from Susan Chira about women, men, money, wage gaps, and power. The article’s title is Money is Power, and Women Need More of Both.

I’ve pasted a few key paragraphs from the article for you to chew on…while opining that we women are choosing our own definitions of power. Money is a tool, is freedom of choice, and is leverage…and while some women use power for nefarious purposes, I choose to believe that using money to help others is the most noble reason for earning (or having) lots of money.

“Ms. Chang found that women were more likely to use their wealth to help other people, and men to advance their influence, such as naming a building or donating to a college.”

“There are men for whom there is no amount of money that is enough,” Ms. Godfrey said. “The quest of more, bigger, better has taken this planet to a place of unsustainability. It seems to me that women are making different choices. And those choices may be healthier for all of us.”

“Many women I interviewed said they viewed money as a means to help others rather than to increase their own profile. Those attitudes, admirable as they may be, have helped fuel a power gap that separates men and women.”

“Of course, many recoil at the idea that women should pursue money and clout just the way men do. That flies in the face of increasing political anger about inequality. There’s a longstanding rift in the women’s movement and beyond: Does the path to power require acting more like men, or can women wield influence in ways that are different but just as effective?”

“Out of the limelight, many women are sharing details of their salaries, breaching taboos against honest talk about money.”

“Ms. Glen, the deputy mayor, said the young women in business she mentors are growing impatient with the slow, halting climb to the top of corporate America and are choosing entrepreneurship instead. “Young women aren’t looking toward Wall Street but toward billion-dollar I.P.O.s,” she said.”

Okay, Elizabeth here again to close this rant. Whether we choose entrepreneurship for a billion-dollar IPO or simply to earn enough for what we define as balance, enoughness, and financial independence (so we can show up with creative energy vs. angsty energy), I know one thing: women are choosing to FREE themselves, to DIRECT themselves, and to CREATE for themselves. And that, dear ones, is all the emPOWERment most of us want or need.

Elizabeth Powell

Elizabeth Powell is a financial coach who helps women take charge of their money and create a path to financial freedom…on their terms. Elizabeth’s approach to feminine money mastery includes a step by step, holistic approach that helps her clients discover a capacity to learn the language of money, create financial and life goals, and make smart financial decisions today for a worry-free, beautiful future.

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