Ready for a Planned Escape from Cubicle Life?

If you’re like many American workers, you’ve had it with Cubicle Life. For many, Cubicle Life connotes constraint (do you feel like a caged animal when you’re in the building?), limited advancement potential, office politics, fiefdoms, nonsensical policies that managers aren’t interested in revisiting, and for some women, offensive #MeToo moments created by people who haven’t received the #MeToo memo.

Career decisions can have a significant impact on your financial life, so ponder all moves carefully.

Where and how to start?

Step 1: No matter where you are in your career, give thanks to an organization for offering you the benefits you receive(d), which include a steady paycheck, benefits, a community of people to belong to, and for many, the opportunity to learn on the job. Even if you’re more than ready to design and implement your Creative Cubicle Escape Plan, embracing and truly connecting to internal gratitude for what you have today will set you up for a positive and gracious exit from said Cubicle.

Step 2: Start meditating daily to truly connect to your source. Tune in to your soul and listen to her messages. They are the roadmap you are destined to follow….if you choose to listen. We usually search outside ourselves for direction on what path to follow, when the answer is already inside us. Keep a dream journal by your bed, keep a notes journal by your side all day long and jot down inspirations. Listen to Sarah Blondin’s 13-minute “Following Our Inspiration” recording from her Live Awake podcast on SoundCloud or Insight Timer. This is important. If you’re moved to tears, it means you’re on to something BIG.

Step 3: If you resonated with Sarah’s message, and you have a vague (or a crystal clear) vision for the business you want to design and create for yourself, get online and start Googling around to see what the potential competition is doing, and how they’re doing it. Check in with your emotions as you do this…what’s coming up for you? Excitement? Fear? A bolstering in your confidence? Passionate energy fueling you to walk through the world in a different way?

Step 4: Sarah Blondin’s podcast Live Awake is my go-to for inspiration and support. Reach out to share your idea with people that you know to be positive, creative people…not those who lead with “what could go wrong” – you just want to practice stating what you want to do…so you can hear yourself say it out loud. The biggest dream-killer among many new entrepreneurs is lack of confidence. We gain confidence by tapping into our internal attributes, AND from solid support from successful entrepreneurs and business coaches.

Step 5: Continue to meditate so you don’t lose that fire in your belly – it can be a 5-minute tune-in to yourself each morning and night, supplemented with guided meditations.

Step 6: Sign up for a free 20-minute session with me to share your beautiful vision and to receive some thoughtful questions that might inform your next steps. Click the Book Online button in my website footer to pick a date this week or next. (P.S. I don’t advise quitting your Cubicle Life quite yet…stay positive and stay engaged. Your sense of control will come from your Escape Plan to leave when the time is right, when you have your financial house in order, and on a high note. Like Seinfeld and Jon Stewart did when they ended their gigs…with people wanting more, but thanking them for sharing their gifts with us.)

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Elizabeth Powell

Elizabeth Powell is a financial coach who helps women take charge of their money and create a path to financial freedom…on their terms. Elizabeth’s approach to feminine money mastery includes a step by step, holistic approach that helps her clients discover a capacity to learn the language of money, create financial and life goals, and make smart financial decisions today for a worry-free, beautiful future.

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